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What is a Genuine OEM Ink Cartridg genuine ink cartridges e?     time :2018-04-11   The editor :admin  browse :time

: For documents where print quality is not a concern (e.g. online receipts, directions, etc.), consider printing in draft mode (usually under printer settings under Preferences) to save ink that ultimately saves you money.

There is no denying that genuine OEM ink cartridges are generally more expensive than theircompatibleandremanucturedcounterparts (up to 70% in some cases). Even so, there are reasons for buying a more expensive genuine OEM ink cartridge:

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Consider purchasing a remanuctured or compatible ink cartridge

What are the benefits of going with Genuine OEM Ink Cartridges?

: For printers that require multiple ink cartridges (such as Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow for the Epson WorkForce 610), consider buying ink cartridge sets as they are generally cheaper compared to buying each cartridge separately.

Follow any of the tips below to save additional money on already low everyday prices at

Genuine, original, and OEM (Original Equipment Manucturer) ink cartridges refer to ink cartridges that are manuctured by the same company that makes your printer. An OEM Hewlett Packard ink cartridge, for example, is manuctured by HP and not a 3rd party.

Peace of mind for 100% compatibility with a specific printer model.

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How many pages can I print with my genuine OEM ink cartridge?

Whether you are shopping here at m or one of the many online retailers for ink cartridges, some of the terms you may have come across quite frequently may includegenuine ink cartridges,original ink cartridges, orOEM ink cartridges. What does this mean exactly? All three terms if ct refer to the same thing:

The number of pages you can print entirely depends on the remanuctured ink cartridge itself, as some cartridges state a higher yield than others. Ink cartridge manucturers provide either: 1. yield and/or 2. capacity. Yield (estimated number of printed pages) is based on a 5% page coverage (5% of a page is printed on). For example: a 200 yield original ink cartridge will provide ~200 printed pages at 5% coverage per page. Capacity refers to the amount of ink that a cartridge contains and is usually measured in milliliters (ml). Currently the only manucturer to provide capacity information is Hewlett Packard.

: Going with a remanuctured or compatible version of an ink cartridge can yield great savings over an OEM version. Evaluate your needs and make a choice accordingly (dont forget the benefits mentioned above).

A compatbile or remanuctured version of a ink cartridge is not available.

Your OEM ink prices are still too expensive. What are some other ways I can save money?

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While a quality compatible or remanuctured ink cartridge can provide similar performance compared to the original version; the premium price can be justified when peace of mind for quality, compatibility, and performance is of the utmost importance.

Peace of mind for reliability and minimizing downtime.

: Many of our ink cartridges offer a quantity discount when you purchase more. For example: when purchasing at least 5 original Primera 53330 ink cartridges,What is a Genuine OEM Ink Cartridg genuine ink cartridges e? you save 11% on each cartridge.

Peace of mind for obtaining the highest yields.

Peace of mind for obtaining the best quality prints.

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